ACG Brand Identity


I worked with ACG to implement a new brand identity and strategy. ACG stands for Achieve, Conquer, Grow, based in North Shields Fish Quay, ACG is a training compliance company.

ACG offers quality consultancy and training focusing on environmental, health, and safety. Helping businesses and individuals to level up in their career and business. 

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The old logo

The Problem

ACG is a young, bold and fun company, yet the brand Identity made ACG feel outdated.


The main concern the company felt, was that their brand identity did not reflect the company and they felt it did not belong to them.

ACG wanted a brand identity that was modern, fun and they wanted it to be recognisable and to stand out from competitors.

The Constraints


ACG is proud to offer training at the most competitive price, this is part of their USP. Therefore the brand could not appear to look too premium or costly.


Another constraint was that the colours had to be included in the new identity. The colours have the following meaning to ACG - red is health and safety, green is environmental, and blue is quality and business solutions.

The Solution

Although the blue, red and green do represent the 3 different sectors, through research it was clear that this was not a clean split. Many training courses overlapped and intertwined between the sectors of health and safety, environmental and quality and business solutions.

The core meaning of ACG is Achieve, Conquer and Grow. The concept was to instead use these colours as part of a gradient illustration pattern to represent personal development and the climb of self-development whilst also linking to the sector colours.


For the logo, I created a custom typeface so that every aspect was unique and fully custom to the ACG rebrand. The typeface is dynamic, fluid but strong.


The logo is flexible and adaptable, it can be used in 2 different variations; the primary logo is compact and there is a long version for large assets such a banner design.


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