Below is a small example of some of the instructions manuals that I have created for Palintest.


My aim was to make the technical information accessible to users of all levels. I use realistic illustrations to engage and guide the user through every step, showing exactly how to operate the product.  

This approach works well for the user as it is far less intimidating and easy to follow than a manual full of text.

I also created this layout as it is simple to translate. I have translated the manuals to French, Spanish and Chinese. 





Technical Illustrations are a great way to visually communicate information of a technical nature. I created these technical illustrations to use in both web and print marketing materials.

Technical illustrations are not only engaging but they are a perfect solution if you have a product that is still in the development stage or not quite ready to be photographed but you need to start a technical and marketing launch campaign.  


Below is an A5 instruction manual that I created for Palintest's latest product Kemio. Whilst designing the instruction manual it was important for the layout to be flexible as the Kemio's instructions manual were created in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. 


I also created the technical illustrations for the Kemio instrument screen. the brief was to create realistic illustrations that would show how the instrument operates in a simple and clear manner so copy could be kept to a minimum. 


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