Pearey House

Tynemouth blind welfare society is a local charity that recently underwent a name change to be called Pearey House Centre for the visually impaired.



Pearey House is an amazing charity, is very important to our local community, a social hub for blind and visually impaired adults in the North East.

When Pearey House decided to rebrand I was more than happy to volunteer my time.


I have since kept in touch with Pearey House and  I am proud to have them as my local charity, helping out with designs and artwork when needed. 


Joining hands in the air to create a house, emphasising a sense of community spirit and support that the charity provides.


Together we are Pearey House.


The green colour represents life, renewal, nature, and energy is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety and environment.


Paired with Roboto that is an extremely legible typeface for both print and web.


"Sarah’s design summarised how we want the Charity to be recognised in the years ahead. Sarah is professional, considerate and a pleasure to work with."

Steven - Pearey House

Goodies from Pearey House ☺️ I rebranded

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